We are a community based project located in Awutu Bawjiase, Ghana. We are dedicated to supporting local children by providing them with the resources they need to become contributing members of society. We focus on giving parental care, education and accessible health care, in order to create comprehensive well-being for our children.

United Hearts was established in 2007, with 5 children sleeping on a common mat. The founder, Pastor Elisha, started farming yam and corn in order to feed them. We now have 27 children living at the children center, with other local children coming for daily meals. Through the help of local and international volunteers, our children’s quality life has greatly improved. The children at United Hearts now have three meals a day, health insurance, and having equal opportunity to quality education. United Hearts is engaged in a variety of projects, including running a new orphanage facility, a local school, and a variety of sustainable farming initiatives – mushroom  farming, goats, permaculture farm, pineapple farm.

United Hearts is now home to 27 children, provide education to 278 and  employs 20 people in permanent positions.


  • To provide education, shelter and food for the poor, vulnerable children and orphans in Bawjiase and surrounding communities.


  • To raise a generation of future leaders who can care for themselves, their families and their communities.

Core values

  • Love, respect, unity, honesty, leadership

Aims and objectives

  • To provide support to orphans, destitute, underprivileged and vulnerable children.
  • To provide equal opportunity to quality education orphans, destitute, underprivileged and vulnerable children.
  • To create employment to the community