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United Hearts is grateful to all of our local and international partners, who make our projects a reality.  We would not be where we are today without the monetary support of our sponsors, and the in-kind support of our local partners.

Local Church donating food, clothing, and shoes to United Hearts.

This is the kind of support we need:
   - Continued support for our food budget (either in kind or cash)
   - Help with covering cost of salaries for employees at the Center and school
   - Donors to support our long term projects focused on sustainability
   - Individuals or companies interested in promoting United Hearts, both locally and internationally

You can support these needs directly by making a donation through Paypal.

Where does your money go?

You can also support our specific projects through our partners:

If you would like to support electricity for the United Hearts Children Center through Mama Hope, Donate Here.

Any donations made to Mama Hope are tax-deductible for U.S. Citizens.

If you are from the Czech Republic, you can make a tax-deductible donation to support any of our projects through Akwaaba.

For any questions about donations, please email us at: donations@unitedheartsghana.org

We appreciate your ongoing support!


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United Hearts Donations

We are currently almost finished with our building facility, but still need donations to fund electricity, equipment (cabinets, counters, tables) and to put the finishing touches on the building.
Choose donation amount:
Latest donations:
  • 2014/12/16 7:52 PM Lisa Gibson donated $ 100.00
  • 2014/12/08 6:01 PM Edith Koller donated $ 17.00
  • 2014/12/08 5:58 PM Mason Koller donated $ 7.00
  • 2014/12/08 5:52 PM Robert Koller donated $ 10.00
  • 2014/06/10 6:05 PM Alison Parks donated $ 100.00

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