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Read about the experience of a few of our volunteers!

Andrea Ku, age 34, from Liverpool, England.  Total length of stay: 6 weeks

My volunteer experience is definitely something I think of everyday, and how and when I will get back to Ghana.  My initial interest was to encourage art and sports with the children – both of which are important to me. Since my return I’ve spread the happiness to others back home, and 15 friends and family went to volunteer at the orphanage – all of whom have had that same amazing experience and who will be making yearly trips. I love to talk about my time there with new people or with fellow volunteers.  I learned so much about the people, how they live, and about myself. It opened my eyes to a lot of what I thought I knew about. The experience is invaluable and has put a lot of my life into perspective.

Andrea with Kwashi, age 5

Wesley Wright, age 17, from the United States. Total stay: 9 weeks

The nine weeks that I spent with the kids at the United Hearts Children’s Center were some of the most meaningful of my life! They were so meaningful that I returned for seven weeks the summer of 2012.  I really appreciate how dedicated the staff are to the kids, and all the work they are doing  for the community of Bawjiase.  Everyone should support the United Hearts Children’s Center and I will continue to encourage my friends to volunteer!

Wesley with Kweku, age 6 


Pavla Krystýnová, age 24, from Czech Republic. Total stay: 3 months

The 3 months which I spent with the kids in United Hearts Children Centre in Bawjiase was the best experience and completely changed my life. I was amazed, that each day of their life is a day of joy and hope. They touched my heart so strongly, that I decided to cooperate with them to support their different projects.  I became a volunteer in Czech NGO Akwaaba, which supports United Hearts and I started studying International Development Studies at University. They helped me to find my way of life and became a big part of my life.

Pavla playing with Zinabu, Rahael, and Barbara at a local park in Bawjiase

Gus Porter, age 20, from London, England.  Total stay in Bawjiase: 2 months

I think that I could safely say that volunteering for United Hearts Children’s Centre in Bawjiase was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience of working over there taught me so much about life, and the children were the most darling children ever. Their smiles could melt even the coldest of hearts. The work I did there was so fulfilling, knowing you are doing your little bit to make these wondeful children’s lives that little bit better, and helping to secure their future.  It was also quite a surprising time I spent in Bawjiase, I did many things that I never would have thought happened over there. For example, I remember one day attending a truly Ghanaian aerobics class, doing starjumps while the tune “Barbie Girl” by Aqua was blasting in the background.  All in all, I met the hardest working, kindest and most full of life people during my stay at United Hearts, and I really cannot wait to return and experience the wonderful and welcoming Ghanaian culture again!

Gus with the kids, riding home from the site


Sophie, age 23, from Australia.  Total stay in Bawjiase: 2 months

Last year I spent two fantastic months living in Bawjiase, getting to know some truly wonderful children!  I went to Ghana in the hope of experiencing a completely different lifestyle and culture from my own, and I definitely succeeded! I was instantly struck by how fun, loving and full of life the children are and intrigued by their cultural traditions. Learning about Africa and experiencing their relaxed pace of life was truly fascinating, and just a couple of my fond memories are attempting to carry a bucket of water of my head, much to the amusement of the local women, as well as taking the children to the beach for the day, and having all 23 sing the entire bus journey (almost an hour!) It really was a fantastic experience and I hope to one day return to Bawjiase!

Sophie with Amanda, Jessica, Mary, Cynthia, Paco, and Nathaniel

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