Welcome to United Hearts! We are a community based project located in Awutu Bawjiase, Ghana. We believe that through supporting our local children, we will create a self sufficient community of healthy, educated adults committed to the future development of Bawjiase.

We currently have twenty-five children living at United Hearts, who are between the ages of three and fourteen.  United Hearts believes that through connecting local children with sustainable resources, we will create a self sufficient community of healthy, educated adults committed to the future development of Bawjiase.

Are you looking for an opportunity to travel abroad, experience a different culture, and contribute to the well-being of a community?  United Hearts offers some of the most affordable volunteering opportunities around, and we are grateful to have a host of volunteers from different countries around the world be a part of our work.


United Hearts is building a new home for our children.  We moved into our new building in December 2011, and our now working on the final touches of our new facility!  Click on the image to learn more about this project.

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This holiday season has been an amazing one for everyone here at UHCC!  Our children and staff had a great Christmas, and have been celebrating non-stop for the last 2 weeks.  Without further ado, here are some highlights!

We spent Christmas Eve participating in what now seems to be the yearly tradition of going to Cape Coast!  In previous years, only the older kids went, but this year, everyone (except the babies) came along!  The children had an amazing day that started with a trip to Kakum National Park!

Aren’t they cute in their matching United Hearts shirts?

They climbed up to the canopy walk, which is essentially a series of rope bridges that cross over a giant nature preserve.  Some of the kids were a little scared, (In the words of Dora, “God save us all!”) but they all bravely made it across!

Kids on the Canopy Walk!

In fact, the kids were a lot braver than the staff – Fifa was particularly terrified, moving at the speed of snail and clinging to the rope for dear life.

Scaredy Fifi

Eventually, every0ne was able to cross all the bridges, and then we took a break for an early lunch (all the kids were starving after so much excitement!).  Then we all piled back in the tro tro to go for a tour of the slave castles in Cape Coast!

At the slave castles

Some of the older kids had already been to the castles, but this was the first time for most of our kids who were 7 and under.  As wild and crazy as our kiddos play at home, they were SO respectful and listened to everything the tour guide said.  It reminded me of how many times I didn’t pay attention on class trips to museums as a kid – I think we often take advantage of having access to our country’s history.  Most children from rural areas in Ghana don’t have the opportunity to visit these sites, and I am so happy that we were able to give our kids this opportunity.

Listening intently to the tour guide

Inside the castle in one of the rooms where the slaves were kept

It was a very emotional experience, and while some of the youngest kids may not have understood the significance of the history of the slave trade in Ghana, I think that it was still an eye-opening for everyone (you can see more pictures from our trip in our Facebook Album!)

After that, we played on the beach for a little while, and headed home!  Despite a few vomiting incidents in the tro tro (first Rahael…then Ezekiel…then Kwashi…then Kofi – a bit of a vomiting chain reaction of sorts. Luckily we had a l0t of plastic bags!) and two flat tires on the way home, it was a perfect day!

The next day was Christmas, which was also SO MUCH FUN!  I and some of the other volunteers have spent the past 6 weeks preparing Christmas presents, and thanks to the generosity of many of our supporters and volunteers, the kids were able to have amazing gifts this year!  Each child received: A brand new bucket, a new cup, bowl, and spoon, new football jerseys (for the boys), and new fabric (for the girls) new toys, including dolls, water guns, and toy cellphones, a new toothbrush, new school shoes, a new towel, and a jump rope!  We decided to put all of the gifts in one of the classrooms in the new school, and all the kids had such a great time finding them (I have a video of them finding their presents, but the internet is too slow to upload it.  But you can check out all of the Christmas day pictures in our Facebook Album!)

  Christmas presents in the new school!

Mefia and her Bucket!

Kevin taking his bucket home!

Grace and her new fabric!

Nyame Kye excited about his new cell phone toy!

And of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a feast of fufu and pig soup!

Giant Pot of Pig Soup!

Kwashi and his Christmas Dinner!


New Years Day was filled with more fufu, more pig soup, loud speakers, and of course, a dance party.


Other fun events of the past few weeks include treasure hunts, water gun fights, movie days, and biscuits and soft-drinks galore!  Needless to say, our kids have had an amazing Christmas break, which they deserve more than any other children I know.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped make this the best end to the year yet!  We are sure that 2014 will be filled with even more love, laughter, and fun!  Happy New Year from all of us at United Hearts!

New Years Hugs from all of us to YOU!

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