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 United Hearts has partnered with the following organizations, which are dedicated to our mission and invested in the well-being of our children.  We value the support of both local and international organizations, and are proud to work together to create a more sustainable environment for our children and staff.

United Hearts appreciates local support from the Se Menhiya Herbal Clinic

  • Akwaaba: Akwaaba is a non-profit organization established by United Hearts volunteers Vladimir Visek and Pavla Krystynova.  This Czech Republic-based NGO exclusively supports United Hearts, and has engaged in fundraising for projects such as health care, schooling, sponsorship, and building projects.  Any donations made through Akwaaba are tax-deductible for citizens of the Czech Republic.  Support Akwaaba
  • Mama Hope: Mama Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities in sub-Saharan Africa.  United Hearts volunteers Katherine Theus, Lauren Wright and Melinda Beyer  partnered with Mama Hope to fundraise for the new United Hearts Children Center.  Juliette Pont is fundraising for Electricity, which is expected to be established in 2013.   All donations made to Mama Hope are tax deductible for U.S. Citizens. Support Mama Hope through donating to our Electricity Project!
  • Global Volunteer Network: The Global Volunteer Network (GVN) was launched in December 2000, and has been partnered with UHCC since 2011.  The vision of GVN is to connect people with communities in need, with a particular focus on vulnerable children. They do this by supporting the work of local community organizations in countries through the placement of international volunteers.  For more information, visit their website: http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org/
  • ACIPP West Africa: The African Community Internship Placement Programme (ACIPP) West Africa was started in 2007, and now supports a multitude of NGOs. ACIPP’s mission is to provide quality internships tailored to each intern’s individual interests, which promote community engagement and offer opportunities to make long-term impacts. ACIPP and the UHCC partnered in October 2012, and together provide internships in youth development and agriculture. For more information, visit www.acippwestafrica.org.
  • United Hearts would also like to thank the following local organizations for their ongoing support: Calvary Redeem Fellowship, Se Menhiya Herbal Clinic, Mozan Ventures, and Christian Refuge Prayer Center

Volunteer and Project Coordinator Lauren Wright, and Akwaaba Director Vladimir Visek

Are you a local or international organization that would like to partner with United Hearts?  Contact Us!

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United Hearts Donations

We are currently almost finished with our building facility, but still need donations to fund electricity, equipment (cabinets, counters, tables) and to put the finishing touches on the building.
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Latest donations:
  • 2014/12/16 7:52 PM Lisa Gibson donated $ 100.00
  • 2014/12/08 6:01 PM Edith Koller donated $ 17.00
  • 2014/12/08 5:58 PM Mason Koller donated $ 7.00
  • 2014/12/08 5:52 PM Robert Koller donated $ 10.00
  • 2014/06/10 6:05 PM Alison Parks donated $ 100.00

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