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United Hearts is engaged in a variety of different programs, all of which cater to the needs of our children, and involve the Bawjiase community.
  • Children Center: We currently have twenty-five children living at United Hearts, who are between the ages of three and fourteen. We care for children who are homeless, abandoned, and/or parentless. We put great emphasis on maintaining family ties for the well-being of our children. United Hearts makes an effort to reunite children with their families, and help children from poor families with nutritional needs and education. In reality, this means that children who do not need to live at United Hearts come for a daily meal and to attend school, but live with their relatives.
  • School: United Hearts also runs a school for local children whose families cannot afford to provide them with education. The children are given education and a meal for a minimal fee, based on a sliding scale.  Through providing this opportunity, we are allowing children who would otherwise have to stay home or work at the local market with the skills they need for future success.  We believe that through helping local children, we will create opportunity and a great sense of stability for members of the community.
Our staff secretary and teacher, Nana Boateng, teaching local school children
  • Sustainable Projects: United Hearts is dedicated to creating a self-sufficient environment for our children and staff.  Currently, we rent one acre of land where we grow cabbage and maize. The income from its sales supports the daily needs of the Center. United Hearts currently plans to buy its own land for further farming. We have a project proposal for establishing a pineapple farm, a poultry farm, and a fish pond, which would considerably improve our level of self-sufficiency.

Kids visiting the cabbage farm

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We are currently almost finished with our building facility, but still need donations to fund electricity, equipment (cabinets, counters, tables) and to put the finishing touches on the building.
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Latest donations:
  • 2014/12/16 7:52 PM Lisa Gibson donated $ 100.00
  • 2014/12/08 6:01 PM Edith Koller donated $ 17.00
  • 2014/12/08 5:58 PM Mason Koller donated $ 7.00
  • 2014/12/08 5:52 PM Robert Koller donated $ 10.00
  • 2014/06/10 6:05 PM Alison Parks donated $ 100.00

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