The centre was founded to render the needed to children and the vulnerable in the country. This has become prevalent through establishing a school, shelter and environment for children, and projects that will enhance the economic strength of people.

  • School: United Hearts School was founded in 2009, for children in the community and beyond. Its aim is to provide quality education and make education accessible for all children who cannot afford education in the community the opportunity. It started with thirty (30) children under a palm tree but the total number has increased to two hundred and seventy-eight (278). The children are studying in a lovely and stimulating environment. This was possible due to donations and help from philanthropists.


  • Children Centre: The Centre was established in 2007. The environment is comfortable and peaceful to houseĀ  children who are vulnerable in the society. It started with five (5) children and currently, it has a total of twenty-seven (27) children being accommodated and going through training. We provide the basic needs like food, shelter and health care for the children at the centre.


  • Sustainable projects: Based on the sustainability of United Hearts, it is currently running projects like mushroom farming, pineapple farming and livestock farming. This is to create avenues for raising revenue but it is at the primary stage in the process.